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Since 1993, LATIN ACCESS has had the pleasure of rendering an array of Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services to a valued Canadian and foreign clientele involved in:

Valued Clientele









The Arts











Skilled Trades


Legal Services


Animal Health






Public Relations

Food & Beverage


Energy, Oil & Gas


Insurance Services


International Trade


Science & Technology


Tourism & Hospitality


Fisheries & Aquaculture


International Marketing

Research & Development


Information Technologies


Not-For-Profit Organizations


Municipal, Provincial & Federal Governments and many more sectors and industries!

Due to the strict confidentiality  with which we consistently conduct our business, the names of our valued clientele cannot be published, but we are pleased to share with you some of their testimonials:


“We would like to thank LATIN ACCESS for the wonderful services delivered to us and our clients here in Canada and abroad. The process was thorough and seamless, and we will highly recommend LATIN ACCESS’ Certified Multilingual Services to our counterparts and colleagues from now on.”

“Thank you LATIN ACCESS for helping me get my documentation duly translated on a certified basis for immigration purposes.  It was great to have documents written in diverse languages translated at once by one sole company!”
“We were in a real panic when we realized that several corporate profiles needed to be translated and printed into seven different languages within a very short period of time! Fortunately, one of our clients recommended LATIN ACCESS' Certified Multilingual Services.  Many thanks again LATIN ACCESS for helping us out as required and mostly, for accommodating our immediate needs in such a professional fashion!"
“Well, I have to tell you how much we have appreciated LATIN ACCESS’ Certified Multilingual Services during these past weeks. Heard all but great comments about your work. Thanks again for all your efforts and for facilitating a clear an accurate communication process with our foreign clients!”
 “We do thank you for your professionalism and dedication.  LATIN ACCESS’ Certified Multilingual Services have certainly left a nice lasting impression on us!”
LATIN ACCESS’ thorough work has been indeed appreciated at our end. Thank you for making our project a real success!” 
“We truly didn’t know what to do when we required Certified Translation and Interpretation Services into exotic languages such as Amharic, Nepalese, Dari, Burmese, and Pashto. Fortunately, LATIN ACCESS was there to help us out. Thank you again for your quality certified multilingual services, LATIN ACCESS!”
 “Patricia, I wish to thank you for the certified translation services you have personally provided to me. From the beginning your personality and efficiency put me in a good comfort zone to do business with your company. It was well worth the money to do business with someone so pleasant and understanding. If you would like to mail me some of your business cards, I could pass them onto my friends, who in the future may need LATIN ACCESS’ help. Thank you again!” 


LATIN ACCESS looks forward to assisting you as required. We are ready to deliver our Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services at the location most convenient to you: Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia or elsewhere in the World. Contact us any time!

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