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LATIN ACCESS’ Certified Multilingual Services have been catered  within a frame of accuracy, strict confidentiality and high ethical standards in more than 200 languages since 1993! 

We are pleased to offer an array of Certified Multilingual Services designed to contribute to the success of any written and / or verbal communications required for social, commercial, business, export, import, immigration, educational, marketing or any other purposes. Our Certified Multilingual Services include:


Certified Services

1. Certified Multilingual Written Services

•    Writing

•    Editing

•    Translation

•    Adaptation

•    Transcription

•    Proof-Reading


Since 1993, we have enjoyed rendering Certified Multilingual Translation Services to a valued clientele
from the public and private sector in Canada and abroad, within a frame of strict confidentiality and high ethical standards. And we are proud of consistently delivering our Certified Multilingual Services abiding by our motto: "Language is the reflection of the attitudes, values and customs of a culture.” ©

As Certified Multilingual Translators, we are ready to assist you in establishing accurate, clear, and effective communication with your foreign counterparts, clients, potential clients, employers, and employees. 

We also thrive in conducting thorough research to translate accurately and within context, as per the source text being translated. 


A key component of our daily certified multilingual translation work is paying attention to detail, particularly in regard to the applicable target language conventions: grammar, orthography, and punctuation.


We are always happy to tackle the Certified Translation of any written document, from business cards, thank-you notes, promotional literature, fact sheets, corporate profiles, website texts, labels, inserts, packaging text, video and film scripts and complete books to highly-complex legal and technical documents related to diverse industries and sectors. 

Certified and Notarized Multilingual Translation Services are also part of our daily portfolio.

We also offer Writing of technical and non-technical texts; Adaptation (of a duly translated text to meet the required intercultural nuances of a particular market or the marketing “punch” of a key marketing expression); Editing; and Proof-Reading Services of diverse communications.

Certified Multilingual Transcription Services of audible recordings regarding focus groups  discussions, interviews, meetings, lectures, seminars, podcasts, blog talks, conference calls, voice-mail messages, medical or legal projects are also offered by LATIN ACCESS.  


2. Certified Multilingual Verbal Services

Allow us to contribute to the success of any direct telephone calls made on your behalf ; tele/videoconferences; interviews; presentations; trade shows; trade missions; conferences; meetings or any other event for which accurate and confidential foreign-language verbal communications may be required! 

Our Certified Multilingual Verbal Services include:

Court Interpretation
Elbow Interpretation
Consecutive Interpretation
Multimedia Voice-Over Services
Simultaneous Interpretation
Multilingual Tour-Guiding 

3. Certified Multilingual Consulting Services

•    International Marketing 

•    Customized Language Tutoring

•    Seminars in Intercultural Communication

•    International Business Protocol and Social Etiquette

•    International Human Resource Recruitment, Selection and Development

4. International Marketing

LATIN ACCESS has been successfully rendering global marketing services since 1998, as a value-added service by capitalizing on its certified multilingual verbal and written services and a unique network of international marketing experts involved in diverse industries throughout the world!

We design unique marketing strategies for each single international target market, keeping in mind the appropriate business protocol and abiding by our motto: "Language is the reflection of the attitudes, values and customs of a culture" ©.

To effectively penetrate foreign markets, we will be delighted to assist you in

   •    Target Market Identification

   •    Product / Service Cultural Readiness

   •    Appropriate Distribution Channel Selection

   •   Advertising & Public Relations Strategy Design

   •    Sales & After-Sales Follow-Up

Our sound understanding of intercultural communication and international business practices allows us to clearly identify your potential customers and how your organization can truly meet their wants, needs, and expectations.

Our knowledge and experience are invaluable for you to connect with potential customers and better understand their perception of your products, services and messages, particularly considering the fact that customer satisfaction may be expressed differently in each culture!

5. Intercultural Communication

To effectively connect with foreign counterparts and grow fruitful social, professional, and business relationships, you need to acquire key verbal, non-verbal and written intercultural communication skills.  

LATIN ACCESS’ customized seminars in intercultural communication are invaluable tools for anyone involved in dealing with people from diverse cultures and/or performing in the international arena at a professional or business level.

If you interact with foreign business partners, investors, customers, suppliers, colleagues, employers, employees et al, these seminars will enhance your ability to clearly convey your messages, better understand people whose mother tongue is not English, and also market yourself as well as your goods and services more effectively.

These customized sessions will provide you with an overview of the current environmental, political, social, economic, and business challenges and opportunities in your target market.  

You will also acquire a clear understanding of the way your foreign counterparts think, act and react in a variety of social, professional and business settings.

You will learn about the social and business values prevailing in your target market; their concept of time, productivity, efficiency, respect, business ethics, and credibility; how to effectively do business and market your goods and services; how to project a professional corporate image; how to successfully network by utilizing appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills; and tips to produce clear written communications.

Contact us any time, to book a customized seminar in intercultural communication. And remember that “Language is the reflection of the attitudes, values and customs of a culture" ©!

6. International Business Protocol

LATIN ACCESS’ International Business Protocol Consultancy Services are invaluable tools for anyone involved in international affairs: from welcoming foreign dignitaries and officials from the private and public sectors to organizing international events, trade shows or trade missions to foreign countries.

Under the premise "Language is the reflection of the attitudes, values and customs of a culture" ©, LATIN ACCESS will be delighted to assist you in ensuring that the appropriate social etiquette and business protocol are followed when interacting with your foreign counterparts within any cosmopolitan social, professional or business milieu.

And to supplement these services, we are also pleased to offer LATIN ACCESScertified multilingual verbal and written services in more than 60 languages!   


We look forward to providing you with LATIN ACCESS’ sound intercultural advice throughout each single step of the design, organizing and follow-up of any international event: from culturally-appropriate venue selection, program design, and gift purchasing to effective international marketing strategies.

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