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For Patricia, it has been a real privilege and a joy to lead and work with a group of more than 300 seasoned and highly-experienced Certified Translators, Certified Interpreters, International Legal, Marketing, and Intercultural Communication Consultants who render their professional services with the same level of accuracy, confidentiality and high ethical standards as she does.  In fact, LATIN ACCESS' continuous success stems precisely  from the passion and dedication that Patricia and her team exercise when tackling each single project entrusted to LATIN ACCESS.


We operate under the premise "Language is the reflection of the attitudes, values and

customs of a culture"   and do our best to contribute to the enhancement of understanding,

cooperation, and trade in the world through our

Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services.


We enjoy assisting our valued clientele in designing culturally-sensitive oral and written

communications that translate into successful social, professional and commercial dealings.

Our main interests are to meet and excel our clients' wants, needs and expectations; and to

continue to develop innovative value-added services that keep-up with the evolution of

languages, new technologies and international marketing trends. 

We are proud to have participated and contributed to the success of an array of international

initiatives and projects undertaken by organizations from the private and public sectors in

Canada and abroad. Our valued clientele has been pleased with the quality and outcome of our

Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services, and the strict confidentiality 

with which we consistently conduct our business. 


We are ready to deliver our Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services  at the location most convenient to you: Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia or elsewhere in the World. Contact us any time!

Our Team


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