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LATIN ACCESS is based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Prince Edward Island (commonly known as “PEI”) is located on the Canadian East Coast and is one of the four Canadian Atlantic Provinces along with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and New Foundland.

LATIN ACCESS was founded in 1993, initially with a view to the opportunities and intercultural communication challenges posed to Canadians, Mexicans and Americans by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). At that time, LATIN ACCESS’ goal was to provide the verbal, written and non-verbal communication skills required by North Americans to interact, understand and deal with each other effectively on a personal, professional, and/or business level. 


LATIN ACCESS was actually launched with the World Potato Congress held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1993. At that time, LATIN ACCESS had the pleasure of catering Certified Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation Services into Spanish, French, English and Italian. Other key services such as Certified Translation, International Social Etiquette and Business Protocol Consulting Services in Arabic, German, and Russian were also catered to the organizers, exhibitors and participants in the said congress.


The word “LATIN” was selected back in 1993, to portray a focus on facilitating the communication process between English-speakers and those who spoke languages of “Latin” origin (i.e. French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian). However, as a result of Globalization, an array of Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services have been successfully developed and delivered in more than 200 languages including Uzbek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Amharic, Nepali, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Dutch, German, Polish, Japanese, Pashto, and Czech, to name but a few!

In spite of the very international scope of LATIN ACCESS’ Certified Written and Verbal Multilingual Services since the company was first created, the word “LATIN” has remained on purpose in the company’s name to honour the historical value and importance of the Latin language as well as the ethnic roots of its founder, Patricia Díaz. 

The term “ACCESS” symbolizes an invaluable gold link to the world!  It illustrates a deep commitment and interest in assisting professionals, businesses, governments, and the public at large to communicate clearly and accurately through our Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services. 

LATIN ACCESS’ Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services have always made special emphasis on the importance of positive Human Relations as a key component for doing business effectively with people from a variety of corporate and ethnic cultures; and also as the basis for yielding fruitful personal, professional, and business relationships.

LATIN ACCESS is proud to have contributed to the success of a number of international projects undertaken by individuals and organizations from the private and public sectors in Canada and abroad. 

Since 1993, LATIN ACCESS’ valued clientele has been pleased with the accuracy, high quality control and ethical standards as well as the strict confidentiality with which our services have been consistently rendered.

LATIN ACCESS looks forward to continuing to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of its valued clientele through its Certified Multilingual Written and Verbal Services, and is ready to deliver at any required location: Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia or elsewhere in the world. Feel free to contact us any time! 

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